Vermont to name Sept. 23 Alexander Twilight Day, resolution coming on Juneteenth


Alexander Twilight, the first Black person in America to graduate from a college or university, and the first African American to serve in a state legislature, will now have his own day in Vermont. 

The Old Stone House Museum in Brownington collaborated with state senators and representatives to designate Sept. 23 as Alexander Twilight Day in Vermont. The resolution to establish the day will be read at the Vermont State House Friday on Juneteenth, the holiday that commemorates the emancipation of the last slaves in America. 

The resolution is sponsored by Sens. John Rodgers and Robert Starr, and Reps. Vickie Strong, Brian Smith and Lynn Batchelor. 

Twilight was born on Sept. 23, 1795. The newly-designated holiday will mark his 225th birthday. 

Museum stands with protesters

The Old Stone House Museum is based in the building once known as Athenian Hall that was built by Twilight as a boarding house school. In a statement, the museum wrote that they, “believe systemic racism, built on the backs of each succeeding generation of African Americans, has no place in our society.”

“We also believe ending systemic racism in the United States means educating others about African Americans who, like Mr. Twilight, have made our nation what it is today.”

Michael Murphy, the president of the Old Stone House Museum Board of Trustees, wrote that the board stands with protestors. 

“To this end, we plan programs and exhibits on our campus and online that will educate not just about how much black lives matter now but about how much they have always mattered. Not the least of these events will be the celebration we plan for Mr. Twilight’s birthday.”

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On Friday, according to a statement from the museum, will also mark the start of an educational program for students that will teach children about Twilight’s life. 

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